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Our Story

     Shop House Coffee Roastery    
  How it all began.

The year of 2020 was difficult for everyone. During this time we managed to find our happy place in coffee, exploring the different roasts, flavours and origins of the beans. Sadly, this was all from the comfort of our own home due to COVID-19!

That said, without spending more time at home and enjoying the smaller things in life, we would never have found our love for the perfect coffee. So the Shop House Coffee Roastery is a positive that came out of  a rather negative year. 

Towards the end of 2020 the coffee obsession started to get a little serious and we found ourselves creating a business plan and researching coffee roasters. Fast forward to January 2021 and the coffee roaster order was placed, Shop House Coffee Roastery was born. 

Based at our family home we are setting out to ensure that every bag of coffee we roast can be made into a captivating cup of coffee that you won't want to put down. Our aim is to manufacture and produce the finest of coffee experiences. The manufacturing process from raw green beans to the delicious freshly roasted coffee bean as we all know today will be carried out by hand roasting and grinding our beans with care and precision to maximise flavour and of course, your enjoyment! 

The quality and sustainability of our coffee is our number one priority, we ethically source all our coffee ensuring that the coffee farmers are paid fairly enabling them to reinvest in producing even better quality beans that we can roast for you. Our single origins are a minimum of 84+ on the SCA scale.

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