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Did someone say Christmas?

We came across this amazing tasty Guatemalan coffee bean when searching for our next few destinations to treat you to. As soon we we took our first sip and tasted the luxurious dark chocolate, caramel with the twist of dried fruit and apple, that Christmas feeling of sitting round the fire with a fresh cup of coffee just shouted out to us.

This coffee is produced by a small number of local farmers in Huehuetenange, western Guatemala with a high altitude of 1400 -2000 m above sea levels, these high altitudes really give the cherry bean time to develop while ripening enhancing those dark Chocolate and fruity notes, everything you want from a Christmas festive coffee.

Farmers selectively hand pick cherry and pulp it on their farms, usually using small hand-powered or electric drum pulpers. After fermenting, parchment is agitated to remove remaining mucilage and washed with clean water before this fully washed coffee is laid out in the Guatemalan sun to dry. We have taken this roast to a medium/ dark roast because we really wanted to show off the dark chocolate tasted while maintaining those festive warming dried fruits and apple notes. We cant wait for you to try it!! To check it out, click here....

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