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Bold Brazil

The grower of this coffee is Sinval Domicianco, he is a second-generation coffee producer who has been steeped in coffee from an early age. His extensive experience is showcased in this small farmlot from Serra Velha. This 100% Yellow Catuai lot has all the flavour you would expect from a Brazil Natural, and its

exceptional quality comes from their stringent attention to detail.

Serra Velha sits in the town of Ilicinea in Sul de Minas. The farm is 11 hectares total. Seven hectares are used for coffee cultivation. Sinval works hard at growing the highest quality coffee he can. Eighty percent of his total production is specialty coffee. Graciela and Sinval invest a great deal of time and energy into their farm by planting more coffee trees, improving their drying patios and much more. Sinval is also studying to learn more about improving batch quality, sustainability and environmental preservation.

Due to the mountainous terrain peppered with rocks, using machinery for cultivation growing and

harvesting is not possible. Labour costs in Brazil are high and increase the overall cost of production. However, selective hand harvesting pays off in the high quality of the coffee. Throughout the process, lots are separated by quality and day. After harvesting, cherry is spread in thin layer in the concrete patio.

Cherry is turned frequently to ensure even drying. Solar drying on the farm can take up to 35 days.

If you would like to try our Bold Brazil coffee click here.

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