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As our first Bold Brazil was such a hit we knew we had big boots to fill to find a coffee with very similar tasting notes and high quality attributes, but guess what, we've done it with this fabulous coffee from Donas do Café, a women's cooperative and we think i's better than before. This coffee comes from 3 women farmers in Brazil through the exporter SMC’s Women of Coffee initiative. Split across Sitio Baixão da Serra, Sitio Bananal Mirim, and Sitio Corrego do Adão, all are located in Sul de Minas.

Women’s performance in coffee has grown exponentially over the last few years, and the demand for coffee produced by them has increased at the same rate which is fantastic and something we are really excited about. These 3 women are producing some of the best specialty coffee and once we had first tried it we knew it was the perfect candidate for our BOLD BRAZIL.

Our Bold Brazil 2.0 Coffee is a very natural and classical coffee which will brighten up anyone's morning. we have found this specialty coffee bean excels at the medium roast level producing a well rounded, well bodied with a mild acidity. With tasting notes of Biscuit, caramel, chocolate and praline, this freshly roasted coffee works well as a flat white or filter and cafetiere.

To buy it now, click here.

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