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Brazil - Fazenda Salto IMPACT Coffee Farm

Shop House Coffee Roastery introduces their NEW Brazilian coffee which is produced in the nestled picturesque hills of the Minas Gerais region, Brazil, Fazenda Salto IMPACT Coffee Farm stands as a shining example of sustainability and excellence. With a deep-rooted commitment to preserving the environment and empowering local communities, this remarkable coffee farm has garnered widespread acclaim.

Brazil Product Description
Brazil Fact Card

Sustainability at the Core: Fazenda Salto IMPACT Coffee Farm places sustainability at the forefront of its operations. The farm embraces organic farming practices as best it can, cultivating coffee beans with minimising the use of chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. By prioritizing the health of the land, water sources, and surrounding ecosystem, Fazenda Salto IMPACT ensures that every cup of coffee is not only delicious but also environmentally responsible. Dedicated to preserving the natural resources it relies upon, the farm employs sustainable water management techniques, such as rainwater harvesting and efficient irrigation systems, to minimise water usage. Additionally, they actively promote biodiversity by preserving natural habitats and implementing shade-grown methods. These practices foster a healthy ecosystem, allowing birds and wildlife to thrive alongside the coffee plants.

Uncompromising Quality: Beyond its sustainable practices, Fazenda Salto IMPACT takes great pride in producing exceptional coffee. From meticulous harvesting to precise processing, every step is carefully executed to maintain the coffee's unique characteristics. The result is a cup of coffee that embodies the farm's commitment to excellence, boasting a rich aroma, well-balanced flavors, and a smooth finish. We have roasted to a medium roast, striking the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness, offering a smooth and well-rounded taste. As you take your first sip of this enticing coffee, your taste buds are greeted by a symphony of flavors that dance across your palate. Caramel, Dried Fruit, Dark Chocolate & Roasted Hazelnut a truly delightful and indulgent experience. Whether enjoyed black or with milk, this coffee is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Try it for yourself --> Brazil

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