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Farmers Markets near Me

For so many years we googled farmers markets near me in the hope to find some local foodie gems, whether this was local to home or where we were on holiday. Never did I think I would be googling it to actually be one of the foodie gems people looked out for!

Locally to us at the Shop House Coffee Roastery we are surrounded by Market towns, Brigg, Gainsborough, Retford, Market Rasen to name a few. We knew there were several farmers markets to pick from but it was finding the one that worked for us.

Preparing for the market takes about 7 hours worth of time, this includes the roasting, grinding and bagging and then there is the market itself which is a whole day. So if we wanted to do it each week, that is two full days on top of our usual 9 to 5 (we wish!) jobs. For this reason we chose to focus our efforts on one, this makes sure we allow ourselves enough spare time for online orders and other bits of business development.

Having attended a few Farmers Markets locally and spoken to other local traders we decided to try Brigg, it was our most local and usually had a good buzz.

Our first Market day came (August 2021) and what a day! Everyone was excited to see what our new business venture was and find out more about it. The September Market day soon arrived and we started to recognise faces and a few even came back to buy more. Now as I sit here writing this we have just completed the October Market and we officially have the bug. We have been blown away by the amount of repeat customers and the feeling of community between the traders.

If you are new to business we have found the farmers market a great way of getting our name out there and introducing ourselves to both new customers and those who order online. We look forward to trying another market and meeting more traders and customers in the area.

Let us know if you have any top tips, either for market locations or how to cope on cold wintery days behind a market stall!

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