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Hello & Welcome.

Hello & Welcome to the very first blog post by Shop House Coffee Roastery.

So here we are, writing our very first blog post on the website of our exciting new venture.

Why Coffee? Why not Coffee?

Who doesn't enjoy the smell of fresh coffee, during 2020 we found our happy place in exploring (and drinking) the speciality coffee that was available on the internet. We were drawn in by the aromas and tastes of varying coffees from around the world, and then we became fascinated by the science behind roasting.

What started with enjoying a morning coffee in the kitchen grew into a dream to roast our own coffee, which has now turned into reality! Maybe we've spent way too many days in lockdown and now need to find our escape, or maybe just maybe this could become an exciting adventure.

Our passion for coffee and the satisfaction of drinking the perfect cup of coffee means we strive to meet perfection in every roast.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a captivating coffee that they won't forget.

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Good for you guys! As a fellow (and local - Scunthorpe) coffee lover I'll certainly be placing an order 🙂 Good luck on your adventure!


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