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Noble Nemba

From the Nemba washing station in the north of Burundi, a landlocked African country south of Rwanda.

The country of Burundi has long been overlooked in comparison to its neighboring East African specialty coffee producing powerhouses. The country’s coffee is produced almost entirely by smallholder farmers, and much of this small-scale production is of exceptional quality.

With its super sweet, clean and often floral coffees, Burundi, every year, is increasingly is putting itself on the specialty coffee map.

Coffee is of paramount importance to families and the country at large. Considering this, improving and expanding coffee infrastructure is not just a way to improve incomes, it is a way to revolutionize the earning potential of an entire nation.

This particular coffee is grown in the region of Kayanza where the average farm size in significantly smaller than other regions, 150 trees per farm on average. The farmers work closely with agronomists with a goal of achieving high quality speciality coffee cherry. By replacing the rootstocks of the coffee trees which can be up to 50 years old, helps improve the productivity and the farmers and in turn improves local lifestyles and wellbeing.

During the harvest season, all coffee is selectively hand-picked. harvesting is done almost entirely by the farming families. The smallholder farmers bring their cherries either directly to a washing station which is run by Greenco or to one of the 12 collection sites situated throughout growing areas. In this way, farmers are not disadvantaged due to their location and Greenco bears the cost of transport to stations. From this point, the cherries go through a number of vigorous quality assurance processes making sure we get the best possible coffee beans to roast for you.

If you would like to buy our Noble Nemba coffee it will be launching in August and you will be able to buy it by clicking this link -- > click here.

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