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Welcome to Colombia!

We’ve been busy travelling around the world of coffee, from Sumatra through to the Africa’s and Americas, with Colombia being one of the largest coffee producers in the world producing some of the finest speciality grade coffee, we simply couldn't continue our journey without it!

After trying lots of different Colombian beans we fell across this fantastic tasting bean from Ciudad Bolivar, located amongst lush vegetation, wide and majestic landscapes. The area is becoming so well know for producing amazing coffee it has been given the reputation of the “Capital of Southwest of Antioquia”, a highly respected coffee growing area.

This coffee is produced and milled by a local family run cooperative, Racafe which works with 45 local growers. Racafe is quickly becoming one of Colombia’s leading exporters of speciality coffee, not just because of the quality but they continue to make their operation more environmentally friendly and much more sustainable. In 2018 they milled their first beans using energy derived purely from solar.

After numerous sample roasts, we have found this coffee excels in that medium roast bracket bringing the bean a bright acidity, with velvety texture on the tongue. With tasting notes of chocolate, sugar cane, caramel, orange and lime this is a coffee you can’t put down.

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