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Why we love the AeroPress

The AeroPress Coffee Maker is an easy to use coffee making gadget that produces a great tasting coffee quickly and cleanly.

Top 3 Reasons why we like it:

  1. Quick & Easy

  2. Easy to Clean

  3. Produces a Great Tasting Coffee

Why Alex likes the AeroPress Coffee Maker:

" I love the AeroPress Coffee Maker as it is super easy to clean once you have finished using it, a simple wash under the tap takes seconds, it is also dishwasher safe if a stronger wash is required!"

Why Fred likes the AeroPress Coffee Maker:

"Its Quick, its Easy and it produces a Fantastic cup of coffee with minimal cleaning & no maintencae, all of these reasons make it perfect for making coffee on the go!"

The AeroPress Coffee maker also makes a great gift for any coffee lover, we have produced a gift hamper which contains the AeroPress Coffee Maker and a sample selection of 3 Shop House Coffee Roastery Coffees.

To buy the AeroPress Coffee Maker Click Here

For the AeroPress Gift Hamper Click Here

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