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Our hunt for the Perfect Packaging

Who would of thought finding the right packaging would be so difficult!?

As a start up the most difficult thing we have found is that all the large packaging companies that pop up when you type in cardboard postal boxes into your search engine only really want you to buy 2000+ units, which one day we hopefully will be able to order in that quantity but certainly not to start with! Because of this their small quantity price makes the packaging cost very high, acting as a huge deterrent for us.

Initially we wanted to have branded pouches and postal boxes, but again we soon realised that without buying a huge amount the price was unfeasible. After a long old search we found a couple of standard sized boxes and a fabulous stamp from the English stamp company, so the packaging will be branded after all and it will now have that personal touch on every box and pouch, more so than if we’d got them printed. It also costs less, although it will take up more time. Luckily, we are still in lockdown so plenty of spare time to stamp our evenings away!

We spent hours playing with different packaging options...

Long term we will still aim for the perfect packaging, but when starting out in a business it is important to make sure monitor your costs and have realistic start up goals. It’s also important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so what you start with may not be exactly how you pictured it but it’s a step closer to than if you were to do nothing at all.

So we’ve found our pouches, our postal boxes and sealing stickers. All we have left is finding the perfect colour of tissue paper, which we hope will make every order feel like a little gift.

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